We press juice from your apples, tomatoes, fruits, berries and vegetables

  • We press juice from your apples, tomatoes pears, berries and vegetables!
    ŽŪK "Juodoji uoga" uses professional and certified juice pressing equipment for juicing. No enzymes or other additives are used in the juicing process. Automated fruit washing, crushing, pressing, pasteurization. That's all!
    The juice is bottled in a safe, high-quality, certified food packaging (Bag in box), which does not affect the taste of the food product or your health.
    The bag with the tap is made in such a way that air does not get inside the bag, so the juice that has been consumed does not ferment for a long time. We recommend packing the juice in cardboard boxes, as it will be easier to transport, safer to store and more convenient to use.
    Take care of nature! Do not throw away the carton after drinking the juice. Fold it nicely and keep it for next year (it won't take up much space). Throw the empty bag into the plastic container.
    Apples and pears do not need to be washed. We will wash, grate and squeeze! 

    Wash root vegetables (carrots, beets). Wash pumpkins, zucchini, onions, and beets and cut them into pieces the size of an apple. 

    You have plenty of apples but no transportation - we'll pick up the apples and bring you the juice! The price of the service is negotiated individually and depends on the quantity of apples.


    Apple juice:                                             TOMATO juice:

    1.5 L juice pack - 1.80 Eur                      1.5 L juice pack - 2.30 Eur

    3 L juice pack - 2.50 Eur                         3 L juice pack - 2.90 Eur

    3 L stackable juice pack - 2.90 Eur         3 L stackable juice pack - 3.30 Eur

    5 L juice pack - 2.80 Eur                         5 L juice pack - 3.20 Eur

    5 L stackable juice pack - 3.20 Eur         5 L stackable juice pack - 3.60 Eur

    1 liter of unpasteurized juice                   1 liter of unpasteurized juice

    to your container - 0.40 EUR.                  to your container - 0.50 EUR.

    (20 ct. discount to every pack                  (to orders exceeding 250 Kg of tomatoes 

    for orders exceeding 400 kg of apples)     we will apply the price of apples) 


    cardboard box + 0.5 Eur.

    We are waiting for you at !
    Address: Plento st. 29A, Birzai.

    Tel. +370 604 79070