Frequently asked questions

  • 1. Are your organic blackcurrant products certified?

    Yes, all our products marked "Organic" are certified. The certification organization EKOAGROS oversees both the procedures and processes of our blackcurrant cultivation, care, transportation, as well as the product production (juicing, berry crushing, leaf drying, powdering, etc.), packaging and labeling processes.

    2. What is special about the products of the "Koookios" line.

    Each product of the "Koookios" line has three necessary attributes (one letter o, one attribute :) )

    - o Ecological, certified product

    - o product grown and manufactured in Lithuania

    - o natural product without any additives or additives.

    For example the juice is pressed from organically grown certified blackcurrant berries in Lithuania. Pressed directly from the berries (not from the concentrate), no enzymes or ferments are used in the pressing process for a better juice yield, no sugar or other sweeteners and acids are added or anything else that would change the taste characteristics of the juice. No preservatives are added to the juice. 

    3. Do you buy berries from other blackcurrant producers?

    No. We make blackcurrant products only from our own berries. In this way, we can guarantee that these are organic berries grown in Lithuania.