"Koookios" organic sea buckthorn juice 1.5 liters (LT_EKO_001)

  • "Koookios" organic sea buckthorn juice 1.5 liters (LT_EKO_001)

    "Koookios" o - organic, o - Lithuanian, o - natural

    Sea buckthorn - for the immune system 

    Juodoji Uoga
  • "Koookios" sea ​​buckthorn, this is natural, organic sea buckthorn juice. Made from organic sea buckthorn berries grown in Lithuania. The juice is pressed mechanically, without using any additional substances that break down the berry cells. The benefits of sea buckthorn for human health were already known to our grandparents and great-grandparents. Now these juices, untouched by chemicals and sustainably grown in Lithuania, packed in recyclable packaging can be on your table. 

    Sea buckthorn benefits : https://www.manovaistine.lt/lt/gamtos-vitaminas  

    Color: yellow/orange;
    Consistency: liquid-thick, with the pulp of sea-buckthorn berries 

    Packaging: recyclable food-grade plastic and cardboard. The package with a tap allows you to comfortably pour the desired amount of juice, and once you start using the juice, it ensures tightness and does not allow it to spoil for more than 3 weeks.

    Package dimensions 205 x 145 x 75 mm, weight ~1,600 g.